Saturday, January 28, 2012

As I walk....

From my friend page :

When I see your humble grace
I can see the light of your charm surrounds me
As I stare, as I touch, as I bend down on my knees

I turn to you everytime I fall
I run and run just to face the truth about you
As my feet stays on the ground
I know I will be alright on your arms

My dearest light of mercy
If this is the way all goes
I have to be ready

My light on the alter of my path
Show me the way
Take my hand
For I always try to reach

The depth of your profound grace
Is take me to this place
The place where I belong
House of light workers carries their dreams

Enlight me beautiful being
Can you see that I'm lost
Torn me apart dearest kind
For I broken everytime I try to see

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